Social Distancing Corpus Christi (Eucharistic) Procession
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Raytown, MO, had its annual Corpus Christi procession on Sunday, June 14th, 2020. We had the privilege to help organize and to participate.
Gardening season has begun! Flowers are in bloom, birds are singing, and the yard work is calling.

Christmas 2019
Christ has been born – Merry Christmas from Russia!
Vocation Presentation
The Sisters in Jesus the Lord gave a presentation in September at a Serra Club event in Atchison, Kansas, USA
2018 Religious Jubilarians in the Diocese of Kansas City – Saint Joseph, Missouri
Every year there is a Mass and dinner for those who have been vowed to God as a consecrated religious for 25, 50, 60, and even 70 years!
Sisters in Jesus the Lord at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference in Wichita, KS
We sisters had a wonderful time at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference. This is a yearly event where many people come to Wichita Kansas in early August to deepen their faith and enjoy fellowship with many Catholic families from all over the Midwest.
God's bounty from our garden – watermelons and peaches
The sisters in Raytown have a small garden and a few trees that they call their 'orchard'. They have been enjoying fruit and vegetables from the garden for months now – including watermelons and peaches.
Presentation about our work in Russia at the World Apostolate of Fatima
The sisters took turns speaking about our work in Russia in the vestibule of Christ the King Catholic Church, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
Annual Corpus Christi Procession
Our Corpus Christi procession at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Raytown, Missouri, USA had a beautiful day.
Altar Consecration at Coronation of Our Lady Catholic Church
Bishop James V. Johnston celebrated a special Mass for the consecration of the new altar at Coronation of Our Lady Catholic Church, Grandview, Missouri. This parish was the first parish to support our brother community, the Canons Regular of Jesus the Lord, when they began their parish work in Vladivostok, Russia in the 1990s.
Sisters in Jesus the Lord at Blisters for Sisters 2018
We sisters enjoy the Serra Club's annual event for sisters that takes place in the beginning of May.
Sisters return to Russia
On Tuesday, July 10, Sister Faustina Marie, Sister Joanna Marie, and Maria, the last three of the five, started their plane journey back to Russia.
New Garden Fence for Convent on Russian Island
Please view the slideshow to see how creative missionaries must be, even when it comes to needing a fence around one's garden.
Vow Day - March 25, 2017
On Saturday, March 25th, Sister Maria Damiana Lee, C.J.D. and Sister Faustina Marie Goedken, C.J.D. made their Perpetual Vows, and Sister Gemma Maria Stein made her First Vows.
December 2016
Our sisters are especially busy in Russia in December. There is always much to do and many people to see.